On the 26th october a group of twenty expectant students met at Frankfurt airport to leave for a trip to London. After a comfortable flight, we started to explore the city to get an overview of London. We even became acquainted with the typical British weather: rain. But thankfully the remaining days were the opposite way around: whatever we visited whether the London Eye, the sightseeing tour or Greenwhich, the sun was our faithful mate.

But our leaders, Mr. Hoffmann and Mr. Fischer, were insistent that we also experience the cultural background of London. Therefore we visited several famous museums like the British Museum, the Modern Tate Museum and the National Gallery in which you can find works by masters such as Van Gogh, da Vinci and Botticelli.

 And we even got the chance to become members of an audience of a play at Shakespear´s Globe which was performed as was the costum a hundred years ago.

 Besides, along with these exhausting but interesting activities, we also had enough freetime. Some of us went shopping, the others enjoyed the sun and relaxed in famous parks like the Hyde Park.

Moreover, common trips to typical Pubs strengthened the group. And on our last evening we attended a small but nice club to finish our great stay in London. Our heroes, Mr. Hoffmann und Mr. Fischer, took care of their lovely students the whole time.

[F. Greiner, K2, 2011/2012]


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